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Vimto is a soft drink with an indescribable flavour that brings unique refreshment to people around the world. It was invented in 1908 by John Noel Nichols in Manchester, England. Created as a healthy pick-me-up tonic it comprised a blend of fruits, herbs and spices to give ‘vim’ and ‘vigour’ to its consumers. Originally called Vimtonic, and now known as Vimto, its recipe still remains a secret today.

Vimto is part of the Nichols plc portfolio, which also includes our other brands such as Starslush, along with licensed brands including Sunkist, ICEE and SLUSH PUPPiE.

Served in 60 Countries

Created in Manchester, UK, back in 1908, Vimto is now enjoyed all around the world, with new markets constantly discovering its unique taste. Vimto can be served as a cordial, carbonated or still beverage, packaged in glass bottles, cans, PET, sports bottles and tetras.

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The Vimto Range

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RED Vimto range

Fizzy Vimto Original, Vimto Malt and Vimto Watermelon are our Red Vimto range, as well as Royal Castle Tonic. These products are manufactured centrally by Vimto International and exported to three continents.

PURPLE Vimto range

Manufactured locally by our partners, but also available for import from Vimto International, this range offers ready-to-drink fizzy and still Vimto as well as cordial.

Available since 1908

A division of Nichols plc, Vimto International is a global organisation with a portfolio of brands including Vimto – our flagship brand – Feel Good 100% natural drinks and a range of frozen drinks.

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Waves for Change

Vimto International is proud to support Waves For Change, which provides child-friendly mental health services to children and young people in under-resourced communities. 

Surf therapy combines the health benefits of physical activity with activities proven to help young people build protective relationships, identify emotions, self-soothe and build a positive image of their future.

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